Presentations at OZCHI 2012

I ran another study this year looking at the use of a gamified mobile event application for university orientation. I’ll be sharing a paper highlighting the results of the study at the OZCHI conference in Melbourne at the end of this month.

Along with this paper I’ll also be presenting a couple of other short papers I co-authored and participating in the Play in Unconventional Places workshop on the Monday.

I’ll make sure to post a link to slides and to the papers once they’ve been published. If you have any questions about the research, conference or publications then contact me.

Defining gamification – new definition by Huotari and Hamari

Kai Huotari and Juho Hamari have just co-authored a new paper, presented at the MindTrek 2012 conference, that provides a new definition for gamification from a service marketing perspective.

They define gamification as “a process of enhancing a service with affordances for gameful experiences in order to support user’s overall value creation“.

They argue that the previous definition by Deterding et al. (2011) highlights that “only non-games can be gamified” which has issues due to service desingers having difficulties identifying exactly what a non-game context is because “the existence of a game is dependent on the subjective perception of the player/user”.  Where past definitions are based on the use of game elements, this new definition emphasises the goal of gamification rather than the methods and it’s relation to previous service marketing research.

The definition has already spurred some interesting discussion on the Gamification Research Network mailing list, both praise and criticism.

You can read more the new definition and access the paper from here:

Mobile Apps, Sensors and Gamification

Oh boy do I have a lot of mobile apps, I just had a look at the home screen of my iPhone and realised I’ve got 7 pages of apps there. I have to admit I probably only use a quarter of them on a regular basis, but the apps that I use regularly are ones that do something unique that often can’t be quite replicated on a desktop computer in the same way. Take for example Sleep Cycle, it’s an alarm clock app that measures my sleep patterns using the accelerometer (and it’s also telling me my average sleep time is 7h 14m over the last 54 nights… not nearly enough sleep for my liking). I also use the native Apple Maps app often as it gives me on the go location and routing information that I need when travelling to new places. It not only shows me my location, but also the direction I’m facing which is very useful. Another app that I really love is RunKeeper. I don’t exercise enough, but when I do I use this app to track my running and I really love it. It works like a breeze, has a beautiful interface, shows me exactly where I’ve been and integrates nicely with the Runkeeper website and Facebook. However, I recently stopped using it. Although though it provided me with exactly what I needed to track exercise it was missing one thing that I never thought I’d need when exercising… Zombies.

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Gamifying University Orientation: OZCHI 2011 Conference Paper

The conference paper I presented at the OZCHI 2011 conference last year on gamifying university orientation is now available for reading.

You can download the accepted version here from QUT eprints.

Or view the paper on the ACM Digital Library website.

The paper was based on a play testing field study that explored technical and design aspects of the application. Another study is planned for university orientation this year that aims to measure and compare the affect of game elements on engagement between two different applications – one with game elements and one without. If you have any questions about the paper or upcoming study feel free to drop me a line via my contact form or the email address available in the paper.

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Gamifying university orientation presentation at OZCHI 2011

I’ll be in Canberra this week at OZCHI, the Australian conference on Human Computer Interaction in Canberra this week. I’m volunteering and also presenting a paper on Wednesday at 3:15pm on gamifying university orientation so make sure to come and say hi if you’re down for the conference! I’ll make sure to post a link to slides and to the paper once I’ve presented it’s published.

Also we made an app for the event so if you have an iPhone make sure to download it: