The games we play [video]

Here’s a neat little video on the little games that we may often play subconsciously while waiting, bored and just filling time.

It’s interesting, I remember playing a similar game in the car when I was little except I would face forward watching the road ahead of us. As we drove I would imagine the car launching into the air to avoid any of the road cast in shadow and then landing again on the sunny parts to recharge it’s jump power.

The video shows how we may often turn to play and games to fill time, and how many of us may create very similar games in similar contexts. Also to me it shows we are all game designers to some extent, even if we don’t realise it.

WWDC 2012

I just returned last week from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and wow, what a trip. I started to write this post while I was at the conference but didn’t get the time to finish it! So after recovering from jet lag and getting back into work I figured I should take time on the weekend to change all the present tense to past, add some sweet photos of Tim Cook and share it.

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A triumph and huge success: Hello GLaDOS wordpress plugin

I’ll admit that I don’t actually know the Hello Dolly song. So when I activated the classic plugin that comes with WordPress by Matt Mullenweg I thought I’d modify it to display the lyrics from one my favourite Video game songs, Still Alive from Portal.

Download the Hello GLaDOS plugin

To install simply drag the php file to wp-plugins folder and activate it under plugins in your WordPress Administration section.

When activated you will randomly see a lyric from Still Alive in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.  While writing this post I’ve currently got the lyric “While you’re dying I’ll be still alive” showing, what inspiration!

ps. You know you want to watch it again: