New book: The Gamification of Training by Karl Kapp

There’s a new book being released May 2012 which, judging by the first chapter excerpt, looks to be a very interesting read for anyone keen on understanding and using gamification in learning environments. The book is entitled The Gamification of Training: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Learning and Instruction and is by Karl Kapp.

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Gamifying University Orientation: OZCHI 2011 Conference Paper

The conference paper I presented at the OZCHI 2011 conference last year on gamifying university orientation is now available for reading.

You can download the accepted version here from QUT eprints.

Or view the paper on the ACM Digital Library website.

The paper was based on a play testing field study that explored technical and design aspects of the application. Another study is planned for university orientation this year that aims to measure and compare the affect of game elements on engagement between two different applications – one with game elements and one without. If you have any questions about the paper or upcoming study feel free to drop me a line via my contact form or the email address available in the paper.

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Gamification Debate @ For The Win

The Gamification conference ‘For the Win‘  ran last month at the start of August and brought together a range of different experts with very different views on the notion of Gamification. The video below is the opening session from the conference and features Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech), Jesse Schell (Schell Games/CMU), and Gabe Zichermann (Gamification Co.), moderated by Dan Hunter (New York Law School). An intense discussion at times, it definitely raises some interesting points around current gamification techniques. Interesting insights are also provide experts in the audience that includes Lee Sheldon, Sebastian Deterding and Nicole Lazzaro.