Gamification Debate @ For The Win

The Gamification conference ‘For the Win‘  ran last month at the start of August and brought together a range of different experts with very different views on the notion of Gamification. The video below is the opening session from the conference and features Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech), Jesse Schell (Schell Games/CMU), and Gabe Zichermann (Gamification Co.), moderated by Dan Hunter (New York Law School). An intense discussion at times, it definitely raises some interesting points around current gamification techniques. Interesting insights are also provide experts in the audience that includes Lee Sheldon, Sebastian Deterding and Nicole Lazzaro.

A triumph and huge success: Hello GLaDOS wordpress plugin

I’ll admit that I don’t actually know the Hello Dolly song. So when I activated the classic plugin that comes with WordPress by Matt Mullenweg I thought I’d modify it to display the lyrics from one my favourite Video game songs, Still Alive from Portal.

Download the Hello GLaDOS plugin

To install simply drag the php file to wp-plugins folder and activate it under plugins in your WordPress Administration section.

When activated you will randomly see a lyric from Still Alive in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.  While writing this post I’ve currently got the lyric “While you’re dying I’ll be still alive” showing, what inspiration!

ps. You know you want to watch it again: